Power Gear is a leading supplier of custom engineered solutions specializing in fluid power, mechanical, and electro-mechanical actuation systems serving the RV industry. Power Gear’s success has been built on our commitment to provide customers with technologically advanced products that are durable, cost-effective, and backed by the industry’s best customer support program

TST Tire Monitors

TST systems will notify you in the event of a nail puncture or other gradual pressure loss, sudden tire temperature increases, or in the event of a rapid deflation in the coach, toad, or trailer tires.

Balance Masters®, the revolutionary self adjusting, wheel balancing system for your out of balance condition. Balance Masters® easily installs on trucks, RV’s (motorhomes), motorcycle’s (Harley’s), ultralights, and most spinning shafts. We manufacture balancers for driveshafts, steers, duals and drives on your heavy duty truck, clutches, sprockets and flywheels for your motorcycle (Harley), propellers and engine balancers on your ultralight and experimental planes, as well as many machinery applications.

FLUID FILM products offer powerful corrosion protection for all metals and superior lubrication for all moving parts.

HWH Leveling Systems enjoy many unique features which set them apart from any would-be competitors. HWH manufactures both kick-down and straight-acting jacks in a broad range of lifting capacities. The kickdown jacks are easier to mount in tight situations and are usually not damaged if the motorhome is moved inadvertently with the jacks down. The straight-acting jacks feature rigid deployment with larger footpads to resist sinking into soft ground.